Flog It Cast Back with New Season or Is it Cancelled?

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Flog It! is a British show which has people’s auctioning their products, which are antiques. This show has the public bring in their antiques, which might or might not be an actual antique to have it appraised by experts and auctioned. The risk remains that the item being auctioned by the public will get low balled by the expert. But this show is more than ripping off peoples who do not know the value of objects they own.

The participant has an expert as a partner, and they together try to sell the item for the most value. This popular show travels all over Britain and has over 1000 episodes.

Let us learn about the show, Flog It!‘s cast. While the show has only one regular cast, the star, the shows presenter/host. It has several experts who have appeared several times in several episodes of the show. So, we will be looking at some of them as well.

Paul Martin Net Worth

The host and presenter of the show Flog It! is Paul Martin. Paul was born in Teddington, Middlesex, UK, on January 5, 1959. He is currently 60 years of age and already a successful businessman. His success comes from his various stock ventures and being an antique dealer.

Besides the show Flog It!, Paul has also been on other shows like Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution, Street Auction, and Make Me a Dealer. While he hosts most of these shows, he also appears as an antique expert in some shows. Paul graduated from Falmouth College of Arts and worked as a scenery painter for Pinewood studios for some time after college.

Image of Flog It cast Paul Martin
Flog It cast Paul Martin

Paul Martin met his wife Charlotte Godfery while working for the TV show in BBC. His wife Charlotte is the production coordinator of the BBC. Godfery and Martin got married on September 9, 2007, and have two children so far. One son and one daughter. Their son, Dylan William Martin, was born in November 2009, and their daughter, Meredith Elizabeth Martin, was born in October 2011.

Throughout his years, Paul has amassed quite some wealth. His net worth is a staggering $5 million, which comes from his stocks in business, old possessions, and job as a TV presenter. Martin is currently living in a village in Seend, Wiltshire, with his family.

Anita Manning Net Worth

Scottish antique expert Anita Manning is from Glasgow, UK. She was born on December 1st of 1947, which means she is currently 72 years of age. This 72-year-old antique fanatic first got into antiques thanks to her father. Anita’s father used to take her into auctions where he would buy antiques, and this piqued her interest in antique.

Manning used to be a teacher before her married life began and she is also a trained dancer. But after getting married and having children, Anita quit her profession as a teacher. While being a stay at home mother, Anita started delving into antiques, which has always been an interest of hers. She began with buying antique furniture in auctions around her locality.

Image of Flog It cast Anita Manning
Flog It cast Anita Manning

Later, due to her keen eye and sharp skills, she was hired as an antique buyer. Anita used to drive around the whole country in a truck, buying, and selling antiques. She has appeared in two episodes in the show Flog It! as an antique expert.

While the name of her husband has never been revealed, her daughter is Lala Manning, and her son’s name is Luke Manning. Her daughter lives with her in Glasgow, but her son lives in Hongkong. Her mother, who lived the last 35 years of her life in Australia, passed away in 2014.

As an antique dealer, Anita has made quite a profit and garnered some wealth. Her most significant benefit to date would be from the antique bronze Buddha statue, which she bought for £50. Which she later sold for £3800 in an auction making a 7500% profit. Anita Manning’s net worth is $2 million, which she has earned through her skill as an antique dealer.

Mark Stacey Net Worth

Mark Stacy is another British antique expert who appears in a lot of show as an appraiser for the antiques. Some of the show which Mark makes recurring appearances in is Flot It! and Antiques Road Trip. Mark was born in Neath, Glamorgan, South Wales on September 23, 1964, and is currently 55 years old.

There has been no information regarding Stacey’s parents on the internet, but he has two sisters and a brother in his family. Mark came out as gay a few years ago and is vocal about his support for the LGBTQ community both online and offline. Stacey can be seen posting pictures with a single individual, which he refers to as Santiago in the post and is speculated to be his boyfriend. Mark and Santiago started living together since 2012.

Image of Flog It cast Mark Stacey
Flog It cast Mark Stacey

The couple is also rumored to be married, but neither has confirmed or denied the rumor so it can’t be trusted. Before becoming an antique dealer, Mark used to work as a residential social worker. But after getting in the antique trade business, he has even become an auctioneer from being a dealer.

With all his career struggles, Mark has earned some wealth to show for his hard work. Mark Stacy has a net worth of $4 million, which comes from his antique dealings, auctioning, and TV show salary.

Philip Serrell Net Worth

Philip Serrell is one of the regular experts to appear in the show Bargain Hunt and Flog It! on British television. But he wasn’t always an antique expert; before getting into antique business, Philip was a teacher. He left the job as a teacher to become an antique dealer, for which he specialized in fine arts and antiques as a Chartered Surveyor.

Born on March 27, 1954, in Kidderminster, Serrell is currently 65 years of age. Philip is a married man, and his wife’s name is Brinoy Serrell. Briony and Philip even have a daughter together, Clementine. Serrell became a teacher after graduating as a physical education teacher from Loughborough University.

Image of Flog It cast Philip Serrell
Flog It cast Philip Serrell

Real success came for Philip after becoming an auctioneer. He has three published books about auctioning and antiques, An Auctioneer’s Lot, Sold to the Man With the Tin Leg, and Philip Serrell 2cc Wrap are his three books. With his published writings, antique dealing, auctioning, and TV appearances, Philip has garnered a considerable net worth. Philip Sorrel’s net worth is a staggering $2 million.

Philip also owns an auctioneers and valuers firm, which also adds to his net worth; he opened the firm in 1995. He currently lives in Worcester with his wife, Worcester is also where his firm is located.

Flog It! Past Controversies and News

Past Controversies

Flog It! is a show about selling and buying antiques, and with over 1000 episodes, its bound to have controversies in its name. The pain controversy surrounding the 17-year-old show would be the staging or scripting of the show. Peoples are skeptic about the existence of soo many antiques which hadn’t come into light before the show.

Another part would be how the profit made by the experts in the show is something the participant auctioneer can never make. And the experts being in cahoots to gain some rare antiques. But all of these are just speculations by skeptics and critics which never came into light.

Info on the New Season

The major news about Flog It! would be the show getting canceled after 17 years of production. BBC says its making room for six new shows to ‘modernize’ the channel. While the fans may be able to catch the rerun of the show, no more new episodes of the show will be coming out.

Flog It! Cast Wiki Table

Flog It! Cast Spouse Net Worth Age
Paul Martin Charlotte Godfrey $5 million 60
Anita Manning Undisclosed $2 million 72
Mark Stacey Undisclosed (referred to as Santiago in his social media posts) $4 million  55
Philip Serrell Briony Serrell $2 million 65

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