Why was Duck Dynasty Canceled? Check Out The Entire Cast’s Net Worth

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It’s has been more than two years since the cast of Duck Dynasty cast left the TV after season 11. The reality show Duck Dynasty aired on A&E Network from 2012 to 2017. It was one of the most-watched non-fiction reality series in history, with 11.8 million viewers in the fourth season premiered.

The show was about the lives of the Robertson family, who earned both fame and fortune through their company Duck Commander, which makes products for duck hunting. Also, the Robertson family featured on the series Benelli Presents Duck Commander and its-spin off,  Buck Commander.

Scroll down to find out what the Duck Dynasty cast members are doing now and how much is their net worth.

Willie Robertson’s Net Worth

You might have heard the name of Willie Jess Robertson, who is famous for his appearance on A&E’s hit reality series “Duck Commander.” Willie is the CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander as well as a New York Times bestseller author. Willie, 47, is also called by his nickname Boss Hog. 

Image of Duck Dynasty cast Willie Robertson
Duck Dynasty cast Willie Robertson.

Robertson was born in Bernice, Louisiana, and currently, he resides in West Monroe. He attended Harding University and graduated from NE Louisiana University in 2014. After graduation, he joined as President of the Duck Commander, the company founded by his father, Phil Robertson. He took the company from a small room and now it is one of the successful companies in the USA.

After earning massive success, he established another company called Buck Commander in 2006. Willie came to the spotlight after he narrated and starred in the reality TV show ‘Duck Dynasty‘ long with his family members, including his wife and kids.

He has accumulated a hefty worth from his profession as a businessman, TV personality, and author; Willie Robertson’s net worth is $20 million. He also makes more money from the books he authored. He co-wrote a book titled “Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty” with his wife, Korie.

Willie and his wife, Korie, have been living a happy married life since 1992 without any rumors of extramarital life. They have six children; John Luke, Will, Sadie. Bella, Rowdy, and Rebecca.

Phil Robertson Net Worth

Phil Robertson is the father of Willie Robertson. He made a headline after controversial comments during an interview with GQ in 2013. When he was asked a question to be sinful, he answered, “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from here.”

Image of Duck Dynasty cast Phil Robertson
Duck Dynasty cast Phil Robertson.

Phil, 73, is a professional hunter, reality star as well as a businessman. Before fame, he spent several years teaching after receiving a master’s degree in Education from Louisiana Tech University. Later he left his job for his love of duck hunting and then started his own business ‘Duck Commander.’

Phil Robertson has been married to his wife Marsha Kay Carroway for five decades. They have four children Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep. He earns quite a good deal of money from his business as well as other ventures. He also did acting in a few movies, including Steve Bannon’s film ‘Torchbearer.’ Moreover, Phil wrote a biography “Happy, Happy, Happy,” which became one of New York Times Best Seller. After the end of the Duck Dynasty, he got involved in Politics.

Jase Robertson Net Worth

Easily recognizable thanks to his long beard, Jase Robertson is the COO of the Duck Commander and a professional duck hunter. He has been hunting from the age of 8. Back in 2017, he shaved off his beard for his daughter Mia’s charity to help and raise awareness for cleft lips and palates.

Image of Duck Dynasty cast Jase Robertson
Duck Dynasty cast Jase Robertson.

The reality star is married to Melissa Robertson in 1990 and is the parents of three children; Reed, Cole, and Mia. Jase opened about his daughter’s birth struggle with living with cleft lip and palates to US Weekly. Jase Robertson’s net worth is $10 million. However, the actual salary he earned from the show is not revealed to the public.

Si Robertson Net Worth

Si Robertson is the uncle of Willie and brother of Phil Robertson. He came to the public eye after he joined the cast in the reality show Duck Dynasty. Moreover, he made his appearance on other shows such as Last Man Standing and Buck Commander.

Image of Duck Dynasty cast Si Robertson
Duck Dynasty cast Si Robertson

Uncle Si played football along with his brother Phil from a young age and even wore the same number of 10 jerseys. He dropped out of Louisiana Tech University after he was drafted into the US Army.

On the show, Si often shared his war stories. He told his mother to send him rice, food, and a blue cup during the Vietnam war. He only used that blue cup to drinking tea every day. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Si Robertson has accumulated a net worth of $8 million from various sources in his career. Reportedly, the reality star made more than $1 million from Duck Dynasty.

Uncle Si has been married to wife, Miss Christine, for more than four decades and has two children named Trasa and Scott. Their daughter and son have four sons each, for a total of eight grandchildren.

Kay Robertson Net Worth

Marsha Kay Carroway Robertson, aka Miss Kay, is famous as the wife of the reality star and businessman Phil Robertson. Miss Kay appeared as one of the casts of A&E’s show ‘Duck Dynasty.’

Image of Duck Dynasty cast Kay Robertson
Duck Dynasty cast Kay Robertson.

Kay tied the knot with co-star Phil when she was 16 and became a mother at the age of 17. She is the mother of four children, sixteen grandchildren, and many great-grandchildren. Phil’s wife was born and grew up in West Monroe, Louisiana, and now, she is 68 years old.

Miss Kay has a passion for cooking. Also, Kay co-wrote a cookbook titled “Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen: Faith, Family, and Food – Bringing Our Home to Your Table” alongside Chrys Howard. Phil’s wife, Miss Kay, has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

Korie Robertson Net Worth

Wife of Willie Robertson and daughter-in-law of Phil Robertson, Korie Robertson, joined the cast in the show. The fact that she is not from the hunting family. She helped her family and husband to grow their family business and works as a manager for Duck Commander.

Image of Duck Dynasty cast Korie Robertson
Duck Dynasty cast Korie Robertson.

Korie, 46, is the granddaughter of businessman Alton Hardy Howard. She studied at Harding University. According to the A&E website, Korie met her husband Willie in third grade when he asked her to go to a summer camp. After high school graduation, the two got hitched.

The mother of six is also an author and published a parenting book titled “Strong and Kind: Raising Kids of Character” In June 2017. Korie Robertson enjoys a net worth of $10 million.

Jep Robertson Net Worth

Youngest son of Phil Robertson and Willie’s brother, Jep Robertson, was a cast member of A&E’s hit series “Duck Commander.” Jep’s birth name is Jules Jeptha Robertson. Jep is the cameraman and editor of Duck Commander.

Image of Duck Dynasty cast Jep Robertson
Duck Dynasty cast Jep Robertson

Since he appeared on the reality show, he earned both fame and fortune for himself. Additionally, he appeared along with his wife on a spin-off called “Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty,” including his children.

He married his wife Jessica and have five children together; Lily, Merrit, River, Priscilla, and adopted son Jules. All the family members were appeared in the series from 2016 to 2017. Despite the end of the show, the couple is still running their food business. In early 2018, the reality star Jep opened a new food truck called ‘Jep’s Sothern Roots,’ in Texas.

He makes money from multiple sources like the show but also from his food truck business. To date, Jep Robertson has summoned a net worth of approximately $8 million.

Jessica Robertson Net Worth

The wife of Jep Robertson and daughter-in-law of Phil and Kay, Jessica Robertson, is a reality star. She is originally from a hunting family. Jessica went hunting with her father in the woods of Louisiana on the weekends.

Image of Duck Dynasty cast Jessica Robertson
Duck Dynasty cast Jessica Robertson

Jessica met her co-star and then-boyfriend in 2001. However, the couple didn’t talk about their dating affairs. Eventually, they got married within two weeks of announcing their engagement.

Jep and Jessica are parents of five children. Further, she has an Instagram account that goes by @jessicaduckwife, where she has over one million followers. On her social profile, she shares numerous pictures with his family and herself.

Missy Robertson Net Worth

Missy Robertson, the wife of Jase Robertson, is a blogger as well as a reality star. She appeared as one of the cast members of the reality TV series “Duck Dynasty.” Despite the popularity, Missy has managed to keep his personal and professional life very well.

Missy married Jase Robertson at the age of 19 and has supported him ever since. She is a devoted mother of three children; Reed, Cole, and Mila. The reality star’s net worth is said to be $4 million.

Image of Duck Dynasty cast Missy Robertson
Duck Dynasty cast Missy Robertson.

Apart from the show, she makes a good fortune from her jewelry line, “Laminin by Missy Robertson.” In 2015, she authored a book titled “Blessed, Blessed…Blessed” on which she wrote about her family’s journey of raising a child born with a cleft and palate. Furthermore, she co-wrote a book entitled ‘The Women of Duck Commander’ along with her mother-in-law, Miss Kay. Also, she and her husband co-founded, The Miss Moo Fund.

Why Did Duck Dynasty Cancel?

The reality show Duck Dynasty canceled after season 11 at the A&E network in 2017. The network and the Robertson family issued a joint statement that it was a mutual decision. On A&E network is was one of the highest-rated shows in history. But fans still curious to known the reason behind the show’s cancellation and also requested fro the new season.


Caption: Reason for Duck Dynasty cancellation

According to the looper, it is reported that the show’s ratings dropped drastically in 2014 after Willie’s father Phil said that homosexual behavior was sinful. Subsequently, he was suspended from the show. After five years, 130 episodes, Duck Dynasty ended their journey shortly after season 11.

What do you think? Does Duck Dynasty have any chance of returning with a new season?

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