Everything About Cartel Crew Cast; Their Net Worth & Bio

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VH1’s reality series, “Cartel Crew,” follows the sons and daughters of a member of drug cartels that premiered on January 7, 2019.  Big Fish Entertainment produces the series. It chronicles the lives of drug lords ad parents with serious cartel connection who grew up as cartel kids.

The show follows the cartel crew as they navigate a new life in Miami, Florida, and make names for themselves outside of the drug world. The series is led by Michael Blanco, who is the youngest son of the Cocaine Godmother, Griselda Blanco, who left the drug after 33 years when his mother assassinated.

Let’s know more about the cartels’ cast members’ wiki-bio, including their net worth, age, and family.

Michael Corleone Blanco Net Worth

Michael Corleone Blanco is the youngest son of Griselda Blanco, who is popularly known as the Cocaine Godmother. Michael was born on August 5, 1975, in Medellin, making his age 44 now. At the age of 12, Blanco took over his family business when his brothers and mother were sentenced to jail. He would continue to run the family business for 33 years until his mother was killed, providing him a way out from the criminal life.

Image of Cartel Crew Cast Michael Corleone Blanco
Cartel Crew Cast Michael Corleone Blanco

After the incident, Michael realized he had to change his life. On one of the episodes, Blanco said VH1 that he buried 22 members of his family. However, he doesn’t disclose much info about his lives on the show.

Now, Blanco is starting a new life with his girlfriend, Marie Ramirez De Arellano. His girlfriend was also involved in the crime previously. He had his clothing brand called ‘Pure Blanco’ launched in 2009. It is said that Michael’s net worth is $2 billion.

Marie Ramirez De Arellano Bio

Marie Ramirez was born and raised into a cartel life. She landed on the show due to her father’s private business dealings in the cartel life. His father was jailed several times and left her behind. Now, he is leaving with her boyfriend, Michael Blanco.

Image of Marie Ramirez De Arellano, Michael's girlfriend
Marie Ramirez De Arellano, Michael’s girlfriend

After her appearance on the TV show, she has garnered lots of fame and also featured her in several other projects. After she met Blanco, eventually, she lost her connection with her family. Marie is fully committed to Michael and helped to run Blanco’s business. She is the mother of a daughter. Also, you can find her on Instagram by the username of lil_ms.monroe. Her net worth is still under review.

Stephaine Acevedo Bio

Stephanie Acevedo’s father is one of the biggest drug smugglers in Miami. Her father was arrested due to cocaine trafficking and sent to federal prison and tore her family apart

Image of Cartel Crew Cast Stephaine Acevedo
Cartel Crew Cast Stephaine Acevedo

Before starring in the reality series ‘Cartel Crew,’ she worked as a model in Miami, Florida. She has worked as a ring girl for the mixed martial art promotion Championship Fighting Alliance. Also, Stephaine is a singer and known for being a signee to the Young Money music label.

Now, she has her full focus towards making a name for herself in the music industry. Additionally, she is a close friend of Kat “Tatu Baby” Flores, and both of them are a feature on the show. She is doing a great job, but her net worth is still under review.

Dayana Castellanos Bio

Dayana Castellano is one of the cast members of Cartel Crew; She spent two years in prison for her involvement in a marijuana grow operation. Now, she is grateful for the second chance in life and spending most of her time with her children.

Image of Cartel Crew Cast Dayana Castellanos
Cartel Crew Cast Dayana Castellanos

Dayana was born on 25 August 1981 in the USA. She ha four children. Her husband also belongs to the same field, and now, he sentenced in prison for 20 years. Dayana’s husband isn’t scheduled for released until their children fully grown.

Dayana and Katherine Flores are good friends. She could be found on Instagram and goes by the nickname “Tatu baby.” Also, Dayana co-owns Till the End Tattoo Gallery. Moreover, she featured in various tattoo magazines.

Katherine Flores Bio

Katherine Flores, also know as Tatu Baby, is a tattoo artist. She is also known for her appearance on Ink Masters season 2 and season 3. Kat has a horrible past life that she was connected to the drug world. When she was four years old, her father was murder. Her father was a big-time drug dealer in New York City. Later she and her mother fled from there, and now, they are residing in Miami.

Image of Cartel Crew Cast Katherine Flores
Cartel Crew Cast Katherine Flores

Growing up without her father, she has learned lots about cartel life. Despite that, she fell for a bad boy Eddie Soto who was unfaithful. They have a son and currently are entirely focusing on raising him right.

Eddie is serving a four years sentence for multiple drug charges. Now, he has released from prison and back in Kat’s life. Even though Eddie broke her trust, she is giving another chance to make their relationship better. Her personal life struggles must surely hamper her professional growth and net worth.

Carlos Oliveros Bio

Carlos Oliveros, aka Loz, grew up in the world of the Mexican cartel. He is a loyal tattoo customer of Flores. After escaping from a bloody shootout, he decided to start a new life. Now, he is focusing on building his career in the tattoo business in Miami.

Image of Cartel Crew Cast Carlos Oliveros aka Los
Cartel Crew Cast Carlos Oliveros aka Los

Carlos has a daughter from his previous relationship with Yolanda. He has a story temper and hard to control his anger. Going through his Instagram, it is filled with pictures of his artworks.

Michael Zavala Net Worth

Michale Zavala is the twin brother of Cartel Crew Cast Nicole Zavala. The twins are born and raised in the cartel family but they have never gone to prison or lost the loved ones.

Besides a reality star, Michael is an interior designer and has his own company, ‘Zaval Concepts’ that founded in 2015. According to his website, Michael has worked in several fields including government, healthcare, education and residential. In 2013, Zavala earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Berkeley College.

Furthermore, he tried his luck in the music and film, He starred in a short film ‘Love Abduction’ as well as released his debut single ‘Stay True.’ His net worth is not disclosed publicly yet.

Nicole Zavala Net Worth

Nicole and her twin brother Michael Zavala grew up rich off the spoils of cartel life. Without struggles and sacrifices, they have gone serve in prison many times. Nicole was born on February 18, 1993, in Cali, Columbia, making her age 26.

Image of Cartel Crew Cast CNicole Zavala
Cartel Crew Cast Nicole Zavala

By profession, she is a model and has walked on the runway for Barbizon Models. Outside of modeling, Nicole worked as a licensed cosmetologist. On the show, Nicole opened up about being a victim of domestic violence.

Now, Nicole has found her dream man, NBA player Torrey Craig. The two have been dating for a couple of months and ready to take their relationship to the next level. Her dating life has also fueled her stardom, which contributes to her net worth, which is, unfortunately, still under review.

Ali Cabrera Tapia Bio

Ali Cabrera Tapia is a longtime best friend of Nicole. She grew up in the drug world. Ali lots her ex-boyfriend and two cousins in the Dominican carte. After losing the loved ones, she knows the value of life. Also, one lesson Ali learned that keep your circle small and trust few.

Now, Ali is very concerned about Nicole’s relationship and quite sure Torrey isn’t fit into her lifestyle.

Eddie Soto Bio

Eddi Soot is a father of Kat’s sons, Deniro and Eddie Jr. Katherine called him Baby Daddy. Eddie appeared on Cartel Crew due to his past involvement in the drug world. Eddie started his life in the drug world when he was nine years old.

He served four years in a federal jail for a drug charge. After his incarceration, the couple is back and now trying to start over. Katherine is afraid that Eddie will go back to the drug life or cheat hr again. Subsequently, she is working so hard to keep everything normal between them. For more, please watch the Cartel Crew.

Ivette Saucedo Net Worth

Ivette Saucedo is an old friend of Cartel Crew member Stephaine Acevedo. Her father, who was born in Mexico and late immigrated to the USA legally. Ivette’s father was a drug dealer and was stripped his citizenship after being arrested by the feds. After her father was released, he deported to Mexico. But he traveled back to the USA to met his family in California.

Image of Cartel Crew Cast Ivette Saucedo
Cartel Crew Cast Ivette Saucedo

Life was better for a while, but her father couldn’t leave the drug world. Every time her father was arrested and deported, but he made way back to his family. Since her father passed away, Ivette was proud of his legacy. She knew that her father does that job to keep them alive.

Professionally, she is a model with a height of 5 feet 10 inches. She flaunts her curves on the tinies string bikini. Her Instagram goes by ‘ivettesaucedo,’ where she has over 384k followers. She is not just TV famous but also an internet sensation, which understandable boosts up her net worth to taller heights.

Salome Jackson Bio

Salome Jackson belongs to a family affiliated with Cali cartel. She is a friend of Dayana Castellano. Moreover, Salome is also known as Betty Idol from the reality show ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.’

Salome Jackon left the drug life behind and living a new life in Miami. While she is trying to escape a life of crime, her father’s prison transfer to Miami has brought the whole past life in front of her. When she was five years old, police raided on her home and arrested her father.

Image of Cartel Crew Cast Salome Jackson
Cartel Crew Cast Salome Jackson

Over the years, the family lived on the run between New York and Texas. She kept shifting schools because of his and went to five elementary and seven high schools. At the age of 18, she escaped from her cartel lifestyle and moved to Atlanta to pursue her career in music.

After her brother and father both arrested, she dropped everything moved back to New York and looked after her father’s business. However, she later moved to Florida, hoping for a fresh start of her life.

Mike Yuen Bio

Mike Yuen, aka Majix, can’t believe that he is getting back to the drug game. Mike appears on the reality show ‘Cartel Crew’ along with his business partner Michael Corleone Blanco. He born and raised in Miami and got involved in the drug world at the age of 15.

Image of Cartel Crew Cast Mike Yuen
Cartel Crew Cast Mike Yuen

At the time, Mike and Michael were running drug business together and earning a massive amount of cash and living a luxurious life. Everything change when Maji became a father and gave the crime life for the sake of his child.

Now, Maji is a well-known rapper and also worked professionally as a filmmaker. Also. He helps to run and operate Michael’s clothing brand, Pure Blanco. Like most of his fellow Cartel Crew Cast, Mike Yen’s net worth is still under review.

Is Cartel Crew Canceled? New Season

Cartel Crew, in just season 2, has managed to gain quite a bit of popularity. But it is a competitive market with veteran shows like LA Ink and much much larger franchises like Black Ink Crew. So, is Cartel Crew’s new season canceled?

Don’t be absurd! Cartel Crew has it’s own bit of originality, and people love it. This reason is why it has already had two seasons in one year. So, you can bet your bottom dollar that Cartel Crew will be renewed for another season. That being said, we only just are through with the second season, so it may be a while before we have any info on Cartel Crew’s new season.

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