Is Swamp People’s Bruce Mitchell Dead or Alive? His Net Worth & Married Wiki

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There are only a handful of selected people who love having their hands dirty in dangerous swamps. In most of the cases, Alligators that inhabit these swamps tend to frighten people, but some brave hunters are more than excited to hunt these beautiful beasts.

Bruce Mitchell is a famous alligator hunter and a famous television star from Swamp People. Bruce has made a successful career out of his hunting passion and fishing business. Here we take a big dive to know more about Bruce Mitchell’s wife, married life, and children. Also, find out about his net worth but firstly his

So, let’s begin with a brief introduction.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Bruce Mitchell
Caption: Swamp People cast Bruce Mitchell

Who Is Bruce Mitchell? Know His Wiki & Family

Bruce Mitchell was born in Ponchatoula, Los Angeles, on July 13, 1960. According to his bio, Bruce’s zodiac sign is Cancer. He has an American nationality belonging to a white ethnic culture.

Mitchell is the oldest of five: two brothers and two sisters. He was passionate about fishing and hunting from a very young age. Mitchell’s adult life began from the hunting business, and now he is one of the tops in this industry.

However, there is less information about his education and early life. Besides, he is known to be the biggest prankster in his family while the man has always been a funny person.

Bruce began working at Kliebert’s Alligator & Turtle Farm from the age of 2020. He worked there alongside his wife, Janet Kliebert, for over thirty years and more. He learned most of the aspects of this business from his father-in-law, so he was more than capable of taking the responsibility all to himself.

Image of Caption: Bruce Mitchell and his family
Caption: Bruce Mitchell and his family

Bruce Mitchell, the Aligator Hunter from Swamp People

Caption: Bruce Mitchell on the History Channel’s Swamp People

Before putting his first step in the television industry, Bruce Mitchell worked at the farm. He worked there as a tour guide, where he hand-fed the alligators in the ponds.

While doing his work, Bruce received an offer from A&E Network. The television channel wanted to make a documentary about his living ways in the History Channel. Well, it’s one of the most-watched channels, so Bruce had no reason to reject this offer.

The hunter could not refuse this opportunity to rise to fame, which is how he connected to Swamp People. The television show features Bruce working full hours during the gator season.

From early morning to late night, he goes hunting with his dog, Tyler. As the night falls, he gets back and skins his hunts. Amidst all the dangers, he wakes up the next morning to repeat the same again and again during the season.

However, Mitchell spends most of his time with his family while the gator season ends. Most of the times, Bruce and Janet travel around the camper to meet their admiring fans.

Caption: Bruce Mitchell from Swamp People

Bruce Mitchell Married to Girlfriend Janet Kliebert

Bruce Mitchell and Janet Kliebert started dating while they were in Junior High. The couple tied the knot soon after in 1980. Janet made her name from her father’s Alligator and Turtle Farm.

The two got married, and the same year, Bruce started working at the farms alongside his wife and father-in-law. He learned all about the business, and with the help of Janet, they ran it for over thirty plus years.

Later in 1984, their farm was made public. They allowed public tours and visitations to the general mass. However, they can’t manage to operate their farm while filming for the show. Janet still looks after all the paperwork of their business, and they try their best to carry out their work for years to come.

Image of Caption: Bruce Mitchell with his wife, Janet Kliebert
Caption: Bruce Mitchell with his wife, Janet Kliebert

Bruce Mitchell Father Of Two Daughters

Bruce Mitchell and Janet Kliebert had their first daughter, Lorraine Michelle, a year after their marriage in 1981. After three years, they had their second daughter, Janice Marie, in 1984.

His eldest daughter, Lorraine, got married in 2000 with her high school boyfriend. Bruce became a grand-dad when Julian Marie was born in 2003. Soon after, he had another grand-daughter, Loriann Katherine, in 2010.

Lorraine and Janet work together to run their business of Bruce Mitchell Productions while Lorraine’s husband is a police officer.

Bruce and Janet’s youngest daughter, Janice, works in pathology and speech field at schools in Southern Louisiana. So, the entire family focused on their thriving business, which is indeed great for the hunter.

Image of Caption: Bruce Mitchell and his daughters
Caption: Bruce Mitchell and his daughters

Is Bruce Mitchell Dead Or Alive? His Dog Tyler Dead

Being a famous television star comes with a great deal of responsibility as well. From death rumors to controversies, Bruce Mitchell had gone through all. Rumors were surrounding his sudden death a few years ago. However, the stories were false as it was not him who died; instead, it was his dog, Tyler.

Tyler himself was one of the stars from Swamp People who died of heart failure at the age of 13. Bruce lost his hunting partner and a great friend in 2014. He buried his beloved hunting partner in the family’s yard.

Amidst his death rumors, Bruce Mitchell is very much alive and doing well with his family.

Image of Caption: Bruce Mitchell with his dog, Tyler
Caption: Bruce Mitchell with his dog, Tyler

How Much Does Bruce Mitchell Make From Swamp People? His Earning & Salary

People who hunt alligators are well paid, and that’s a fact. Bruce Mitchell is one of the few American Alligator Hunters who has lived in the swamps for most of his life.

He has gathered a considerable amount of fortune over his long career as a hunting businessman. Also, his role as a member of Swamp People earns him a great deal of additional wealth as well.

Mitchell’s net worth is an outstanding figure of $400,000, which is quite admirable for a hunter. Also, he owns the alligator farm, which was made public for the general mass.

His primary source of income earns him around $50,000 annually. Bruce and his family are working hard to extend their business, so it’s no surprise that his net worth is gradually increasing by time.

Image of Caption: Michell and Kliebert's Gift Shop
Caption: Michell and Kliebert’s Gift Shop

Bruce Mitchell Social Media Updates

We can see Bruce Mitchell on Facebook spending time with his family and on his farm. From his profession as a hunter to extending his business, he has other hobbies like cooking, camping, fishing, and many more.

Image of Caption: Bruce Mitchell in his farm
Caption: Bruce Mitchell in his farm

Bruse has a Youtube Channel, where he uploads videos relating his cooking skills, adventures, and product reviews. More than that, we see him spending his time with his family while fishing, camping, and many more.

Caption: Bruce Mitchell kayaking on his birthday

Recently on February 4, he shared the online store deal of the month on Twitter. The offer focused on the upcoming Valentine’s Day on 14, which captioned by Bruce and Ms. Janet.

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