Meet ‘Bad Chad Customs’ Cast Chad Hiltz ; Is He Married to Wife Jolene? His Net Worth & Wiki

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They say an artist cannot attain real art unless he breaks all boundaries and limits of one’s creativity. If that is the case and artwork comes in all forms, then there is not a more risqué and boundless artist than Chad Hiltz. If you have come here, we take it that you know Chad Hiltz, the star of the Discovery show ‘Bad Chad Customs.’

It is still too early to talk about all of the ‘Bad Chad Customs‘ cast, but let us talk about Chad Hiltz, his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife Jolene, and what little we know of the cast members. Also, scroll down to know Chad Hiltz’s net worth and wiki.

Who is Chad Hiltz?

Today, there are hundreds of shows related to cars. A couple of hundred or so, specifically about restoring, renovating, and upgrading cars. It takes a lot of talent, skills, distinctiveness, and a lot more to make it in the industry. Chad Hiltz brings the ability to make the most out of the very least when it comes to building, upgrading, and renovating cars.

He uses junks for parts and, with the simplest of tools, builds over-the-top machines that look like cars from a different world. Enough about the art, here is what we know of the artist.

Image of Caption: Chad Hiltz from 'Bad Chad Customs' turns junk into insane cars
Caption: Chad Hiltz from ‘Bad Chad Customs’ turns junk into insane cars

Where is Chad Hiltz From?

Chad Hiltz’s birthday was on 13th August 1971 in Kings Sport, Kings Country of Nova Scotia. He currently runs his business ‘Green Goblins Customs’ as seen on the show in Nova Scotia, where he was born and grew up. He may have blown up as a Canadian reality TV star, but he is Australian by nationality and Jewish from ethnicity.

Chad Hiltz Net Worth

Chad Hiltz is majorly responsible for the success of his relatively new show in season 1. However, even season 1 of ‘Bad Chad Customs’ had only six episodes. No matter how large its success, it is next to impossible to debunk his net worth from such little information.

Caption: Chad Hiltz’s net worth after a hit career of renovating cars

Still, if we were to give our expertise, his net worth should be around $800,000 dollars but shows the good possibility of growth in the future.

Is Chad Hiltz Sick?

Chad Hiltz is not sick, as per our knowledge. We don’t know why people would think that as he is very active in social media pages where he shows off his work to his fans. In his recent posts, he looks fine and better than ever.

Jolene Macintyre Net Worth

Jolene Macintyre is the only fellow member of ‘Bad Chad Customs’ cast with a little bit of information worth talking about individually. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she is Chad Hiltz’s partner in not just the show but real life as well. We will talk about their personal dating and married life later; for now, let us just talk about Jolene Macintyre’s net worth and career.

Jolene Macintyre, who was born in 1989, is the manager of the 48-year-old’s customs shop. She is mainly responsible for handling the storefront, but she also guides the entire crew through their tasks and is also known to help the boys with the dirty work every now and then. Soon-to-be wife of Chad Hiltz, Jolene Macintyre’s net worth is still under review, but if her salary is similar to that of her soon-to-be husband, Chad Hiltz, it must be an impressive figure.

Jolene Macintyre’s Instagram page is full of pictures of her living her best life. Also, we know pretty well from the show her love of cars, bikes, and other luxurious automobiles. We may not know her net worth, but her display of wealth gives us a good idea, like the picture below where Jolene is seen on top of a Honda CBR superbike, which she bought because she had a matching jacket of it as a gift from her fiancé.

Chad Hiltz & Jolene Macintyre Relationship & Married Life

Chad Hiltz & Jolene Macintyre show exceptional chemistry on TV because of their relationship in real life. Although Chad Hiltz’s Facebook page says that he and Jolene have been dating since only February 2017, they seem to have been close for a long time than that with social media exchanges tracing back to late 2016. Anyway, they got engaged on 12th August 2017.

Image of Caption: Chad Hiltz and Jolene Macintyre got engaged on August 2017
Caption: Chad Hiltz and Jolene Macintyre got engaged on August 2017

So, both of them have been quiet about the plans for their wedding. Chad Hiltz has always been a little secretive about his personal life, but hopefully, he is a social butterfly. So if they do start planning for getting married, we will probably get some hints from her side. Until then, they seem perfectly happy living their life as a soon to be married couple.

Image of Caption: Chad and Jolene are happily engaged
Caption: Chad and Jolene are happily engaged

Does Chad Hiltz have Children?

Yes, Chad Hiltz does have two children from his previous relationships. You might have met his son, Colton Hiltz, who is taking in all his father’s knowledge, skills, and creativity and one day might as well grow up to be his father’s prodigy. When he is not in the shop working on cars with his father and the rest of the crew, he is a fitness enthusiast who will be in the Gym.

Image of Caption: Colton appears with his father, Chad Hitz, on 'Bad Chad Customs.'
Caption: Colton appears with his father, Chad Hitz, on ‘Bad Chad Customs.’

Colton, in his intro for the ‘Bad Chad Customs’ season 1 trailer, said something about his father not being there for him much when he was growing up. So, the show has become a good platform for the two to have some father-son bonding. Chad Hiltz also has a daughter, Harlee Hiltz, who he had when he was just 16 years old.

Image of Caption: Chad Hiltz son Colton and daughter Harlee
Caption: Chad Hiltz son Colton and daughter Harlee

Other Cast Members and Season 2 Info

He left his high school so that he could work in a mill to support his daughter. Maybe that was the reason he and his son, Colton, also did not get to spend much time in his childhood. It seems like both his children grew up to be good people, so all is well that ends well.

‘Bad Chad Customs’ cast also includes the builder, Aaron, and mechanic Alex, which have significant roles in the show. But you have to understand that there is not much information about them. However, we ask you to look at the silver linings here. It seems that you are not alone to love the show, which has been confirmed for season 2.

Caption: Bad Chad Customs 

Spice Goddess TV Inc., the producer of the show, has been given the finding commitment of $481,127 for season 2 of ‘Bad Chad Customs.’ We certainly hope there are more than six episodes like season 1 of the show, which premiered on 1st January 2019, every Saturday. But if you really love ‘Bad Chad Customs’ so much, they still advertise their work in YouTube (like the video above) and other social media sites.

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