What is the Worth of Texicanas Cast? Their Net Worth & Bio

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Texicanas is a reality Tv series that premiered on May 7, 2019, and currently airs on Bravo TV. The show chronicles the lives of six rich women having Mexican heritage residing in San Antonio, Texas. The inaugural season of the show concluded on June 18, 2019.

So, get ready, the fans of Texicanas for in-depth information about Texicanas cast members, Penny Ayarzagoitia, Mayra Farret, Lorena Martinez, Anayancy Nolasco, Karla Ramirez, and Luz Ortiz.

Penny Ayarzagoitia Net Worth & Married Life

As per her Bravo bio, Penny Ayarzagoitia is a real estate co-owner and broker for Avenue Reality. She is also one of the main Texicanas cast members of the show.

Texas-born Penny has kept the information about her parents and educational details under wraps. Likewise, she has earned a tidy sum of income from her career as a real estate broker and owner of her company, Avenue Realty. Although her annual salary has not been officially disclosed, looking and examining her career, we assume that Penny Ayarzagoitia’s net worth is approximately $1 million.

Image of Texicanas cast Penny Ayarzagoitia
Texicanas cast Penny Ayarzagoitia

Penny is a happily married woman. She is happily married to her husband, Raul Ayarzagoitia. The duo is also blessed with two lovely boys. A highly devoted woman, Ayarzagoitia loves her husband and especially her two young boys. You can catch the reality TV mother posting updates of her son’s school and sports activities. on Instagram

Mayra Farret Net Worth & Married Life

Mayra Farret is one of the prominent cast members of Texicanas. As per her bio, she is described as being a perfectionist among her friends.

Furthermore, her bio has revealed that she worked in the finance field in Mexico after she completed her college education. She is a businesswoman and likes to indulge in more beautiful things in life. Mayra is also a fashion lover. Hence, from analyzing her works as a businesswoman and being a well-known TV personality, Mayra Farret’s net worth is put somewhere around $1 million.

Image of Texicanas cast Mayra Farret
Texicanas cast Mayra Farret

Moreover, she is also happily married to her long-time husband and partner, Fernando Peralta. Her husband, Fernando, was a Chief Financial Officer for all the companies which are under the Santana Group.

From their union, the duo, together also parents to two beautiful boys. Apart from running her household duty and being a successful businesswoman, the lovely, Mayra Farret is also fond of a lover and a yoga instructor.

Lorena Martinez Net Worth, Husband & Daughters

Lorena Martinez was born in the state of Texas. She is a TV personality famous for being the social butterfly of the Texicanas group. She was raised in Reynosa, Mexico. Lorena also jokingly claims at only fifteen she was picking her wedding dress and dreaming of a family rather than planning for quinceanera

Image of Texicanas cast Lorena Martinez
Texicanas cast Lorena Martinez

While there are no reports about her earnings from the show, Texicanas, however, it is assumed that Lorena Martinez’s net worth is $150,000.

On the other hand, her husband, Ignacio Martinez, a San Antonio native, is a businessman and president of IPE Aggregate. They also share three beautiful kids between them, two sons Ignacio E. Martinez and a younger son born on Oct 2019 and daughter, Sofia Martinez.

Annoyancy Nolasco Net Worth & Bio

The beautiful brunette, Annoyancy Nolasco, was born in 1984 in Mexico. She is a businesswoman specializing in sales and marketing.

She is the only ‘Texicanas‘ cast member, who is not a US Citizen. As a self-described daddy’s girl, she often visits her homeland of Mexico to be spoiled by her father. Likewise, after moving to San Antonio for her college education, she decided to settle in the USA after the birth of her daughter, Ellie, permanently.

Image of Texicanas cast Annoyancy Nolasco
Texicanas cast Annoyancy Nolasco.

While there are no clear stats concerning Ammoyancy Nolasco’s net worth, but it is a fact that she will use the fame and publicity that she gained from Texicanas to expand her business ventures.

However, it seems like Nolasco is from a wealthy family. Hence her father may support her and her daughter financially.

Besides being active in her TV career and business endeavors, Ammoyancy is also a fitness junkie. Similarly, she also frequently posts several videos of her workouts in her Instagram page and even had participated at the CrossFit Games in 2014.

Karla Ramirez Net Worth & Married Life

Karla Ramirez is an American TV personality famous for her appearance in the reality show, Texicanas. She is also a businesswoman based in San Antonio, Texas. Ramirez originally hails from Brownsville, Texas, and has been residing in Texas for over 13 years.

Image of Texicanas cast Karla Ramirez
Texicanas cast Karla Ramirez

She is also the owner of a famous and commercially successful local nightclub, Hotel Discotheque alongside her husband, Manoli Zacharias, to whom she lovingly calls as her Grexican. She has earned tremendous wealth from her works as a successful businesswoman; Karla’s net worth is approximately $2 million.

Karla Ramirez and her husband, Manoli Zacharias, are also the proud parents of their two sons. Moreover, the duo is currently enjoying an idealistic married life and viewed each other as equal in the relationship. Similarly, her devotion lies with her friends and family members and believes that mutual respect makes it a thriving relationship.

Luz Ortiz Net Worth & Husband

Luz Ortiz is a TV personality famous for being one of the prominent Texicanas cast members. Apart from this, she is a real estate agent and runs a successful boxing gym, My Box Beat, in San Antonio. The gym offers free training and conducts group classes for children.

Ortiz was born in Arizona and bought up in Sonora, Mexico. She was raised in a strict conservative family and got married at the age of 23 and got three children. But soon, Luz found herself unwilling to change to her husband’s traditional norms and expectations.

Image of Texicanas cast Luz Ortiz
Texicanas cast Luz Ortiz

Hence after six years of marital relationship, she divorced him. Currently, she is raising her three children, two sons, and daughter in San Antonio, Texas. The star of Texicanas, Luz Ortiz, has not officially opened up about her net worth to the media and public. But it is estimated that she is earning good money from the show and from her profession as a real estate agent and boxing gym owner in Texas.

Texicanas Cast Net Worth Table

Texicanas Cast Husband Net worth
Penny Ayarzagoitia Raul Ayarzagoitia $1 million
Mayra Farret Fernando Peralta $1 million
Lorena Martinez Ignacio Martinez $150,000.
Anayancy Nolasco Unmarried Under review
Karla Ramirez Manoli Zacharias $2 million
Luz Ortiz Unmarried Under review

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