Is David Bromstad Married to Wife or Is He Gay ? Truth of His Net Worth

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People are often scared to express their sexuality more to the world than themselves. They are quite hesitant when it comes to opening up to other people, and it’s certainly the next thing. To accept and announce your identity in this world takes a lot of courage.

Davis Bromstad is a television personality and an American designer who is among the list of audacious and brave people. He is pretty much straight and open about his sexuality. The entire world knows him well for his attempt to achieve victory by introducing himself rather than making a compromise.

He is an inspiration to many, and people can learn a thing or two from him. The following article includes Bromstad’s partner and boyfriend. Also, find out about his sexuality, net worth, biography, and many more.

So, let’s begin with a brief introduction!

David Bromstad is Gay: His Family & Bio

David Reed Bromstad’s birthdate fell on August 17, 1973. He grew up in Cokata, Minnesota. As of 2020, he will be 47 years old. According to his bio, David’s zodiac sign is Leo. He was born to Richard Harold David Bromstad (father) and Diane Marlys Bromstad (mother). He was the youngest among the four siblings, including Dynelle Renee Bromstad, Dyonee Rachael Bromstad, and Dean Richard Bromstad.

Bromstad’s mother belongs to German and Swedish origin while his father belongs to Norweigan origin. So, he belongs to mixed ethnicity. Talking about his education, he was quite a creative and brilliant student.

Image of David Bromstad, his mother and father
Caption: David Bromstad, his mother and father

David found himself in the field of art, and that was probably the best thing that could ever happen to him. He had an interest in art with a passion for design from a very young age. He went to Wayzata High School, where he was already sure about his career path.

The television personality chose to pursue his career as an animator. After high school, he graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design, located in Sarasota, Florida. Well, it’s a famous place for people who are interested in making a career as an animator in Disney.

As for his sexuality, he is never shy of himself, and he admitted that he is gay in public. Well, that was everything about this early life and education.

Image of David Bromstad
Caption: David Bromstad

David Bromstad’s Career; How He Took Off

As we know, David Bromstad was passionate about arts and design from his childhood. He made his decision to follow his passion and head for the exact career in the future.

He even got to graduate from his dream college, and right after graduation, he began working as an illustrator in Disney. So, his career started right off the bat, but he got kicked out of his job.

It’s quite difficult for people to lose a job which you’ve always wanted. However, this was not the end but rather the beginning of something great for the designer. Despite wanting to work for Disney, he established his own company. He started to design and create fantasy bedrooms for small children.

Things were going perfectly fine, while something great was yet to happen. One of his best friends urged him to move to Miami Beach. Regardless of his work and a busy schedule, he tried out in the competition. He fought with nine other potential and talented designers to take a spot for the host of HGTV cable network’s reality television show named HGTV’s Design Star.

T, David won the competition, and as a prize, he received a chance to host the reality show. Also, he received a grand award for his victory. In 2007, he made a debut as a host for the show named Colour Splash with David Bromstad. Similarly, he was the host of HGTV’s Colour Splash Miami in 2010.

So, you can see Bromstad made quite the progress for HGTV while she also contributes to its weekly blog. The designer appeared as a guest in the first episode of HGTV Design Star’s second season. He is well known for his out of the box thinking and endless energy. From interior design to custom art and furniture, David is a talented and innovative designer.

Also, in 2008, he was the spokesman for Mythic Paint. Besides all this, he is involved in several shows like My Lottery Dream Home, Beach Flip, and Design Star all in the HGTV channel.

David Bromstad’s Tattoos & Body Measurements

The television star is indeed handsome and has a glamorous body. The 47-year-old keeps up a perfect physique and also an athletic body. So, it’s evident that David is quite attractive while he stands 6 feet and 1 inch. Also, he weighs 77 kg.

Bromstad himself is an outstanding artist, and he loves getting tattoos in his body. He believes that tattoos are more than just an expression of art. His first one is a dragonfly on his shoulders while he has a total of three in his entire body.

The next one is a cross in a tribal pattern having a Chinese symbol in his chest. But the most popular tattoo of all is the one that reads Limited Edition. First, it was only a text, but then he added a heart in the middle and gorgeous design at the sides.

Is David Bromstad Married? Meet His Boyfriend

David Bromstad likes to keep his private life out of the limelight, and so far, he has done a great job keeping his profile very low. He is single and has no children to this day. However, he is quite famous for his relationship with his partner, Jeffery Glasko.

The two started their relationship since 2004 only to separate a decade later in 2014. David and Jeffery had known each other before they started dating. They would meet up in different occasions, but that was all there at first.

However, they began their romance on Valentine’s day single party in a bar named Firestone. Since then, the two spent more than a decade before calling it quits. After almost a decade, Jeffery ended his relationship due to David’s drinking and rug problem.

Jeffery even took the case to court and filed a lawsuit against his partner. David’s financial and emotional state took a turn for the worst while the man was also involved in the sex world.

However, the judge ruled out the case in David’s favor and denied Jeffery’s claims. All the accusations were ruled out, and the designer won the case. It’s clear that he had to endure a lot of pain, but he made amends to move on.

Also, there were speculations regarding his new partner, but the rumor seems to be false. There is no solid proof that he is dating again, so we believe he is single. Besides his love life, David has two pet dogs name Dozer Bubbas and Godiva Bondon.

Image of David Bromstad and his ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Glasko
Caption: David Bromstad and his ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Glasko

How much is David Bromstad’s Net Worth?

The talented designer has gathered a considerable amount of fortune over the years. He has an annual salary of $500, 000 from his television shows. Besides that, he accumulated over $30,000 from his other endeavors.

David Bromstad’s net worth is a massive amount of $2 million as of 2020. Having such a vast income and taught him how to spend it well. He has a lavishing lifestyle in Florida. In addition, he has a line of home accessories and furniture in Gardin Road, although Home Shopping Network owns this business.

So, he earns a tremendous amount to money from hosting the television shows. He is among the famous artists, including Ricky Martin and Julianne Moore, in the Out Magazine 100 List.

David Bromstad’s Controversies & Rumors

David Bromstad was accused of alcohol and drug addiction. Because of this fact, his ex-boyfriend filed a lawsuit against him. Jeffrey Glasko left him after a decade long relationship for his harmful habits.

More than that, the designer was quite famous for another controversial event. He became a part of this when he decided to host the Salvation Army Event. The event took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, while it was named Red Shield ReDesign Bash.

David shared a public status in his social media of this event, and that is where all the rumors began. The company was involved in anti-gay reasons in the past. So, people were shamed that David agreed on hosting the event for this company.

David Bromstad Social Media Updates

David Bromstad is a famous icon in social media, including Twitter and Instagram. He is very active while he often posts pictures of his family, friends, and his personal life. He has thousands of followers in terms of following in his social accounts, so you better check it out as well.

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