Say Yes to the Dress Cast’s Net Worth with their Married Life

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Say Yes to the Dress’ is a reality series that is telecasted on the American channel, TLC, which centered around events at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan, New York. Furthermore, the series displays the works of managers, fitters person, and salesperson at the store, along with potential brides as they look out for perfect wedding dress.

So, wedding lovers of the world, if you are one of those people who are fond of wedding outfits and want to know what New Yorkers bride wore in their wedding ceremony? Then you have come to the right; in the below article, we will discuss the main cast members of Say Yes to the Dress. Also, get to know their net worth from the following paragraphs.

Mara Urschel Net Worth & Married Life

Born in 1940, Mara Urschel is best recognized for being one of the co-owners of Kleinfeld. She has more than three decades of experience developing and marketing luxury merchandise, and one of the affluent names in the retail apparel industry.

After nearly two-decade work with Saks Fifth Avenue, she served as a Senior Vice President and General Merchandise Manager for them. Urschel is credited for creating women’s private label brands. Furthermore, she has got ownership and management of Kleinfeld Bridal.

Image of Say Yes to the Dress cast Mara Urshel
Say Yes to the Dress cast Mara Urschel.

She currently devotes her time looking after Kleinfeld alongside with Rothstein and works diligently to promote the Klenfield brand in national and international levels. Hence, it comes with no surprise from her works, which are mentioned above; it is expected that she has earned a tremendous amount of money from her successful profession. As of now, Kleinfled’s co owner’s Mara Urschel’s net worth is at $2 million.

Likewise, she is a happily married woman. Mara Urschel is blissfully wedded to her husband, Ronnie Rothstein. The couple has no children of their own. Previously Mara has also been married twice in her life. First, she married her college boyfriend, but their married life did not last much longer as she went through a divorce at the age of 25.

After this, Mara Urschel met and began dating the president of the knitwear company, Richard Kitt, and later got married to him. Through her marriage, she has become the stepmother of Richard’s three children. However, the duo joy turned into sorrow as Richard died, thus ending their 15 years of their married life together.

Ronald Rothstein Net Worth & Married Life

Ronald Rothstein, also is known as Ronnie Rothstein to many, is one of the most recognized and influential names in the world of fashion and dresses. So people are curious to know more about him. However, it seems that Ronald likes to keep a low key profile.

Nonetheless, he went to Poly Preparatory High School but moved to Miami Beach, where his family owned Eden Roc Hotel. Likewise, at Miami, Ronald got his degree in law from the University of Miami in 1968.

Image of Say Yes to the Dress cast Ronald Rothstein
Say Yes to the Dress cast Ronald Rothstein.

On the other hand, he also completed his high school education from Wharton School in the year 1964. Besides being the co-owner of  Kleinfeld Bridal, Ronnie also is prominently featured on TLC’s show Say Yes to the Dress, which follows several Kleinfeld Bridal events. It telecasts the backstories of brides who visit Kleinfeld and help them to conduct their wedding.

With such challenging and great work, he has earned fame and fortune. Even though he has not officially mentioned his annual salary, we here assume that his net worth is estimated to be at $ 4 million. Undoubtedly, he can earn and collected such a huge net worth from his career as an accomplished wedding dress designer and CEO of Kleinfeld Bridal.

Currently, Ronald is married to his wife, Mara Urschel, who is also the co-owner and president of the company, Kleinfeld Bridal. She still has no biological children; however, he has three daughters from his previous affairs and relationship.

Randy Fenoli Net Worth & Married Life

One of the primaries Say Yes to the Dress cast member, Randy Fenoli, is a fashion designer who was born on 30 January 1964 in Mt Vernon, Illinois.

He was interested in sewing dress and fashion designing since his early childhood days. To pursue his career in fashion design, he got enrolled and graduated from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Randy started his professional career as a fashion designer in 2007 when he became the Fashion Director for Kleinfeld Bridal from 2007 to 2012. Also, he made his TV debut in Say Yes To The Dress on TLC in 2007.

Image of Say Yes to the Dress cast Randy Fenoli
Say Yes to the Dress cast Randy Fenoli.

As of now, Randy Fenoli’s net worth is $4 million. He gains such an impressive amount from his outstanding works as a fashion designer and TV host. His annual salary from his profession as a fashion designer is around $67,000.

His works as a TV presenter also yields him a cool $55,000 per year. Furthermore, he has made several appearances on TV shows such as The Martha Stewart, Good Morning America, and many more, which has helped to boost his increase his earnings significantly.

Moreover, Say Yes to Dress star, Randu Fenoli is not married and single. As of current recording, there is no information about his ongoing relationship. He is an openly gay man, and once there was a rumor flying around that he was married to Liza Minnelli.

Later he claimed that the news was all fake. Apart from this, he even said that he was gay. Moreover, Randy Fenoli has not been involved in any affairs until now. Presently, Randy is enjoying a happy and satisfying life and living elegantly.

Pnina Tornai Net Worth & Married Life

Pnina Tornai is an Israeli born fashion designer, and one of the primaries Say Yes to the Dress cast members, born on 25 November 1962 in Israel.

She is among the most popular and sought after fashion designers who have high profile clients from countries such as United States, China, Italy, Germany, Greece, Israel, Bahamas, etc. With such endeavors, Pnina has amassed a large sum of fortune for herself.

Pnina Tornai’s net worth is $45 million. Similarly, she earns around $555 K annually from her fashion designing works and for her appearance in the reality TV show, Says Yes to the Dress. On the other hand, her wedding dress, which is sold on the show, Say Yes to the Dress ranges from $1,000 to more than $40,000.

Image of Say Yes to the Dress cast Pnina Tornai
Say Yes to the Dress cast Pnina Tornai.

Nonetheless, Pnina Tornai is one of those celebrities who keeps her personal life close to her heart. However, as per many tabloids, it was revealed that Pnina is currently married to her husband, David Levenshtein, in 2000 in Paris. The duo also shares a son between them.

Similarly, according to several sources, Pnina Tornai had previously been married twice in her life prior to tying her wedding knot with David. Unfortunately for both of her married union, it ended in a heartbreak and disappointing circumstances.

Roger Craig Smith Net Worth & Married Life

Roger Craig Smith is a voice actor and former stand up comedian. Known for providing the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. Furthermore, he also serves as a narrator in the TLC’s reality TV show, Says Yes to the Dress.

He was born on the date of 11 August 1975 in St Joesph, Michigan, USA. Roger holds a bachelor’s degree in screenwriting from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts in 2003. He started out his career as a stand-up comedian, performing stand-up comedy for several years in film before transitioning into full-time voice acting beginning from 2005.

Roger has provided his voice work for top companies such as Cartoon Network, X Box Games Studios, Sony, Disney channel animation, Wal Mart, and several more. He will also provide the voice of the DC superhero character, Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming DC animated movie, Superman: Red Son which is scheduled to be released in 2020.

Image of Say Yes to the Dress cast Roger Craig Smith
Say Yes to the Dress cast member Roger Craig Smith.

As of now, the talented voice artist, Roger Craig Smith’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. As per various sources, he is expected to make above $65,659 from his profession as a voice actor. With his accumulated net worth, Smith is living a blissful and glorious life in his beautiful home in Chatsworth, California, where he spends his free time playing videos and mountain hiking.

On the other hand, not much is known about Roger Craig Smith married life or his personal life. It seems that he had the details under wraps. So, we here, assumed that due to lack of information about his love affairs, Roger is possibly single and unmarried.

Audrey Pisani Net Worth & Married Life

Unlike the people above, there is not much information about Audrey Pisani. Besides being one of the Say Yes to the Dress cast member, Audrey is also known to be one of the many bridal consultants at Kleinfeld.

She has kept her personal details a secret to the media and fans of Say Yes to the Dress. However, as per reports, she credits her love of fashion to her father, a dress contractor.

Audrey Pisani’s net worth is under review. But, it is assured, her earning comprises mostly from her professional career working in the retail industry for more than eighteen years. Likewise, she has also with the Kleinfield for fifteen years.

Say Yes to the Dress Cast Net Worth Table

 Say Yes to the Dress Cast Age Net worth
Mara Urschel 79 $2 million
Ronald Rothstein N/A $4 million
Randy Fenoli 55 $4 million
Pnina Tornai 47 $45 million
Roger Craig Smith 44 $1 million
Audrey Pisani N/A Under review

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