Who are the Paranormal State Cast. Is its New Season Canceled?

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Paranormal State is a show about the investigation of the unexplained and reportedly haunted happenings by the members of the Paranormal Research Society. On 10th December 2007, the show premiered for the first time. The Paranormal Research Society (PRS), which the show follows, was founded by Ryan Buell at the age of 19 while he was in college.

Paranormal State aired from 2007 to 2011 and has six seasons in total. Throughout all the seasons of the show, we can see Ryan and his friends traveling all over the country, investigating the paranormal. While its name reflects a lot about this show, we cannot say the same for its casts.

So, to know more about Paranormal State’s casts, stay with us.

Ryan Buell Net Worth

The founder of the Paranormal Research Society is also the consulting producer of the show Paranormal State. Born on July 8, 1982, Ryan is curently37 years of age. He was born in Corry, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Sumter, South Carolina, along with his siblings. Ryan was born to mother Shelly Bonavita Lundburg and father Tim Buell. His mother owns a CPA business, and his father is a state police officer.

While it is unknown what high school Ryan attended, he got a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Penn State University. He formed the PRS during his time in the university. Besides acting, Buell is also an author; he completed writing his first paranormal novel at the age of 25. He helps in making other paranormal shows too. With the novel and his career in acting and as a producer, he has amassed an incredible $1.5 million in net worth. Buell owns a BMW car, which is accounted for in his net worth.

Image of Paranormal State cast Ryan Buell
Paranormal State cast Ryan Buell

This 37-year-old millionaire is currently single. But, he was in a relationship with his co-cast from Paranormal State in the year 2016. Sergey Poberezhny and Ryan were in a same-sex relationship for quite some time, and Ryan has openly admitted to being bisexual. Appearing in almost all the episodes of the show, 82 out of 83, Ryan is regular of the show. He was with the show from 2007 to 2011 throughout the run.

Ryan is a tall, handsome man with a height of 1.87m or 6ft and 1.5 inches.

Chip Coffey Net Worth

Born on August 21, 1954, Chip Coffey is currently 65 years of age. Chip was born and raised in Elmira, New York. There has been no mention, or any detail about his parents discussed on the internet. But, it is known that Coffey used to model as a 2-year-old baby, and from the age of 5, he started acting. He grew up in Elmira, New York, but the high school he attended has been kept a secret.

In contrast, we know the name of the college Chip graduated from. Chip Coffey graduated from Elmira College with a BachelorĀ of Arts degree in Psychology and Theatre. During his time in college, he was classmates with other famous actors like Theresa Valada, Merle Ginsberg, and Keith MacKechnie. He was studying under the reputed director Peg Denithrone.

Image of Paranormal State cast Chip Coffey
Paranormal State cast Chip Coffey

With his career of acting starting from the tender age of five and authoring a book, Chip is bound to have a hefty net worth. He also worked as a spirit medium, psychic, and counselor. With all these titles under his belt, Chip Coffey has a net worth of $1 million. However, the details about his yearly income haven’t been revealed in any source in any format.

Chip has won a ‘Pigasus Award’ in 2009 from the James Randi Education Foundation “For the psychic who tricked the most people with the least effort.” Which is basically a slap from the skeptics about his alleged “God-given talent.”

He has been the artistic director of many theatres, mainly childrens theatre. There has been no information suggesting Chip being in a relation; hence we assume he is single. Also, Chip is gay, by choice, but there is no information about him having any gay relations in the past.

Heather Taddy Bio

Born on 16 November 1985, Heather is a beautiful 34-year-old woman. Her age doesn’t appear on her face at all, and she looks like she is in her 20s. Heather is a member of the Paranormal Research Society and a cast of Paranormal State. Taddy is also a writer and musician besides being an actress. Currently, she is in a band called Glowworms and has released an album. She first started as a bassist in a band during her time in college.

While Heather was born and raised in Altoona, Pennsylvania, she later moved to Pittsburgh after graduating high school. After high school, Taddy joined Penn State University in Pittsburgh, where she studied film theory, media studies, and French. During her time in the university, she came in contact with the PRS and joined them.

Image of Paranormal State cast Heather Taddy
Paranormal State cast Heather Taddy

Heather is mostly known for Fashion Trashin (2016), Revelation (2015), and Space Doll (2017). But recently, Taddy was working with Alien Highway, a Travel Channel Show. She is active in Instagram, and a lot of photos of her having fun going around places can be seen on her Instagram. Heather has over 3600 followers on Instagram.

As for the relationship status, Heather is currently single. She hasn’t associated herself with anybody and hasn’t given any signs indicating being in a relationship. Also, her net worth is probably in six digits, but we do not know what those digits amount to exactly right now. But her successful career in TV and music probably has given her net worth with which she can live a relatively luxurious life.

Eilfie Music Bio

While her last name is Music, Eilfie is not related to the music field in any way except for being a consumer/listener. Eilfie was born on August 23 of 1982, and is currently 35 years of age. She is an enthusiast about anything paranormal and enjoys the horror genre of movies and books. Information about Eilfie is scarce, and what we have gathered took a long time of scraping the internet.

Eilfie was born in the city of Bedford, Pennsylvania, where she attended a local high school. There has been no mention of her parents or siblings, actually no family members at all. But what we do know is that Eilfie is in a relationship. Indicated by the caption in her Instagram saying, ” My love is so good at finding things.” with a picture of Nepali style two-faced marionette doll.

Image of Paranormal State cast Eilfie Music
Paranormal State cast Eilfie Music

In another of her Instagram posts, Eilfie has mentioned Jack, a person who has brought a terracotta pot for her. We assume that Eilfie is in a relationship with this Jack person currently. There have been no signs of a breakup so far in her Instagram posts. Through her Instagram post, we can also say that she is very passionate about cooking. She mostly posts the pictures of the dishes she cooks and prepares.

While it is unknown what her net worth is, with her success in the TV show Paranormal State we can assume that her net worth is probably in five digits. She is perhaps moving towards six digits mark. Music is very vocal about her support for LGBT society. Eilfie is also an Artist, Tarot reader, Tarot reviewer, researcher, paranormal investigator, and collector of books according to her Instagram description. She appeared in the show as an Occult Specialist.

Katrina Weidman Net Worth

Katrina is an actress and a producer who was born on the second of March, 1983. Currently 36 years of age, she is best friends with Heather Taddy. This Paranormal State cast has a lot under her belt than being part of the Paranormal Research Society. Weidman has hosted other paranormal shows as well.

Katrina first got interested in paranormals at the age of six. When she was six years of age, the house she lived in had many unexplained happenings; young Weidman even encountered an apparition while in that house. She joined Penn state university, where she got in the PRS in the year 2006. Katrina also became a regular in the show Paranormal State after the activities of the PRS was turned into a show.

Image of Paranormal State cast EKatrina Weidman
Paranormal State cast Katrina Weidman

Katrina graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Integrative arts & theatre. She has also played in various movies with her debut film being Killimanjaro (2013). Other films Katrina has worked on are The last Apartment (2015), and Who’s Jenna….? (2018). Weidman has worked on other paranormal shows like Paranormal Lockdown (2016) and Portals to Hell (2019).

Katrina’s relationship status hasn’t been made public, but she posted a picture with a ring on her ring finger – pointing towards being engaged. The identity of her fiance hasn’t been revealed. She posted the said picture on Instagram on May 4th, 2018. As for her net worth, Katrina has a total of $400k as her net worth.

Sergey Poberezhny Bio

Sergey Poberezhny is the only foreign cast in the whole show. Born in Ukraine on March 20, 1984, Sergey is currently 35 years of age. Sergey was in a same-sex relationship with his co-cast Ryan Buell prior to the year 2016. They broke up following various cases of Ryan abusing Sergey.

After breaking up with Ryan, Sergey got in a relationship with a girl, Melissa Drake. Whom Sergey married soon after on April 1, 2016. You might get confused, but Sergey, much like Ryan, is also bi-sexual. While it was speculated that Ryan and Sergey were married, there has been no conclusive proof supporting the rumors.

Image of Paranormal State cast Sergey Poberezhny
Paranormal State cast Sergey Poberezhny

Sergey probably has his net worth in five digits, but it hasn’t been publicized. He hasn’t worked with any show after working on Paranormal State. His zodiac sign is Aries.

Lorraine Warren Net Worth

Lorraine is a much-known name in the field of paranormal research. Her husband Ed and Lorraine are considered pioneers in paranormal research and demonology. While it is a claim that the couple makes for themselves, a lot of peoples seem to believe them. Born on January 31, 1927, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Lorraine died at the ripe age of 92 on April 18, 2019.

Image of Paranormal State cast Lorraine Warren
Paranormal State cast Lorraine Warren

Warren appeared as a demonologist in the show. She is also known for her work in the horror genre for movies like The Conjuring (2013), The Conjuring 2 (2016), and The Haunted (1991). Lorraine stood at the height of 5ft 6inch and had one daughter with her husband, Ed warren. Her daughter’s name is Judy Spero, who has four children, which makes Lorraine a grandmother of four. She used to run an occult museum from the back of the house.

Lorraine Warren reportedly has a net worth of $1 million.

Past Controversies

While the show had a decent life, the controversy regarding the show is what we usually get for paranormal shows. Up to what extent is the show scripted and faked for the camera? But we are unable to know about it since we cannot access those unedited files.

But the controversies which started after the show ended has piqued some ears. Ryan abusing his then-boyfriend Sergey was a pretty big deal. While both of them support LGBT society, Ryan wasn’t a good boyfriend and respectful to Sergey, according to Sergey.

Caption: Ryan Buell explains his childhood

Another possible controversy also includes Ryan as he has been jailed twice already for different causes. But he got out on bail.

Who left the show?

There has been no one to leave the show during its life except for a few, here and there. Like Sergey, who left the show in 2010 with unexplained reasons. He used to work as a Tech specialist for the show; perhaps they got a new tech specialist.

Another would be Josh Light, who left the show after appearing in 32 episodes of the show. His reason for leaving the show hasn’t been explained. And Lorraine left the show in the same year as Josh, in 2008, following her health complication.

Paranormal State Renewed or Canceled?

The show Paranormal State still airs and has a fair number of viewers. This is the reason the show was about to be revived for the year 2019. But it got canceled before the show was ever started. The channel or the cast has not made any comments on the topic.

Paranormal State Cast Net Worth & Bio

Name Spouse Net Worth Age
Ryan Buell Single $1.5million 37
Chip Coffey Single $1 million 65
Heather Taddy undisclosed under review 34
Eilfie Music Partner – Jack (Husband/fiance) under review 37
Katrina Weidman Engaged
Fiance undisclosed
$400k 36
Sergey Poberezhny Melissa Drake (Wife) Under Review 35
Lorraine Warren Ed Warren (Husband) $1 million Died at the age of 92

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