Everything about Marnie Oursler; Is She Married? Gay Rumors or Truth

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We all know how hard is it to make it in any business and entrepreneurship considering today’s unpredictable economy. We say anybody who makes it to success; especially, the one who does it in moments of extreme financial and economic crisis. Today we will talk about one of such people who you will probably recognize if you are a fan of shows related to flipping houses.

We are talking about none other than the builder queen of vacation houses, Marnie Oursler from ‘Big Beach Builds.’ In this article, we will go briefly over her bio, career, and net worth.

Moreover, we will be focusing on Marnie Oursler’s married life, if it does exist. So, be ready to if she has a spouse, and is she gay? More information on Marnie Oursler than her Wikipedia page, so make sure you read through it all.

Image of Caption: Marnie Oursler's Net Worth and Bio
Caption: Marnie Oursler’s Net Worth and Bio

Marnie Oursler’s Bio & Early Life

Marnie Oursler was born on February 13, 1979, in Prince George’s Country, which is just outside of Washington DC in Maryland. She was born in a family of housebuilders and is a proud 5th Generation builder. The family occupation/tradition began with her great-great-grandfather, who passed it down to her father, who passed it down to her.

Her father is Marvin Oursler owns a home renovating company of his own by the name of Marrick Homes. On top of her father’s training, Marnie also spent a fair amount of time on construction sites with her brother and uncle. She was a student at Northern High School and attended Naval Academy. She later got a transfer to East Carolina Study, where she would complete her undergraduate degree.

Image of Caption: Marnie Oursler with her father, Marvin on Father's Day
Caption: Marnie Oursler with her father, Marvin on Father’s Day

Marnie Oursler’s Net Worth

Marnie Oursler had adequate skills in construction and renovation. Still, she also thought it was necessary that she also gains experience in the business sector for her to flourish her career eventually. So, she started working as a realtor with a decent salary. Well, it was fair enough for her to save up $18,000 after just working for a few years back during the turn of the century.

What did she do with the $18K? Well, she finally decided it was time to pursue her dreams and bought a $240,000 house in Bethany Beach, Delaware. The $240k was a big piece of work, and with every penny she had spent on just buying the home, Marnie had to get down and dirty herself without much help. However, slowly but steadily, she somehow turned the house around and sold it for $350,000.

After a massive $100,000 payout, Marnie immediately got to work again, buying bigger houses that were closer to the beaches. After continuously working on vacation houses, people began to recognize her and her work, some even requesting her to build their homes. In the beginning, Marnie did not give the opportunity much thought and was not sure if she had what it takes to be a builder.

Image of Caption: One of Marnie Orsular's biggest project houses from 2018
Caption: One of Marnie Orsular’s biggest project houses from 2018

2007 Recession Led to Large Net Worth

However, as the 2007 recession began, she knew that flipping houses could easily cost her a lot of money. She first took a consultation from her father, who was also not very optimistic about her new endeavor. Still, Marnie tracked down one of the couples who had asked her to be their builder. Long story short, this was how she came to found her company ‘Marnie Homes.’

With the help of just three full-time employees besides her, she runs her highly successful company. In the first year, the company made a satisfying revenue of $450,000. The numbers only grew with time and experience. It collected a whopping $8 million in 2015, better than the projected figure, which was about $7million. Similarly, 2016 projections showed that it would easily cross $9 million, maybe even hit $10 million.

Caption: Marnie Oursler talks about her career success

With a career like that, Marnie Oursler’s net worth must also be humongous. She probably gets a massive from hosting DIY’s ‘Big Beach Builds’ as well as being the President of ‘Marnie Custom Homes.’ We estimate her net worth to be approximately $10 million. We have to say that it is especially impressive of Marnie Oursler, who used to earn only $11 an hour for doing odd jobs in the beginning of her career.

The Big Beach Builds star returned to her education by attending the Fuqua School of Business in Duke University from where she got her Master’s degree in Business Administration. She also became a member of the Fuqua School’s Board of Advisors for The Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation after graduating.

Marnie Oursler’s Married Life; Is She Gay?

Marnie Oursler has been a big star for over the years, but we know very little about her, more so over in her personal life, like her married life. Is she married? If so, who is her husband? Well, we don’t think she is married, or else we would be able to find that information somewhere. So far, not even a photo or mention of her married life or husband has been there.

Now, the fact that she is not married may have something to contribute to this, but there we also found a surge in Marnie Oursler being gay in the Google search. We have no reason to believe Marnie Oursler is gay, but then again, we have very little information about her personal life.

Image of Caption: Marnie Oursler gay or married?
Caption: Marnie Oursler gay or married?

We do know that Marnie Oursler was a part of her high school’s women’s softball team, and there is an old and illogical stereotype that women who play softball are lesbians. Of course, we in no way support this stereotype, but we have to reason why people would think that Marnie Oursler is gay or lesbian.

Marnie Oursler Social Media

Marnie Oursler is very much active in all major social media outlets. You can find her Instagram, where she has over 20.5k followers. She mostly posts pictures of furniture and houses from her work, so if you are a fan of home d├ęcor, her IG is worth a follow. Her Twitter account also has similar content and over 3.2k followers checking in on what she is doing.

Image of Caption: Marnie Oursler is active in social media
Caption: Marnie Oursler is active in social media

She has over 36k followers on her Facebook as well. We are also among thousands of her followers, so if something significant does go down with the 41-year-old, you can count on us to bring you all the updates. We tried our best to come up with additional information about Marnie Oursler that even her Wikipedia page does not have so, we hope you found our article helpful.

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