What happened to Kevin Mack on Counting Cars? His Net Worth & Married Wiki

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Well, if you have seen the famous television reality show Counting Cars, you must be aware of Kevin Mack. Well, Kevin Mack is the best friend of Danny, the producer of Counting Cars. Although Kevin’s family owns a business, Kevin seems to be very interested in vehicles, cars, and automobiles since he was very young.

Scroll below to know more about Kevin Mack’s life. Also, get some information about his life, work, net worth, and his love life. Well, don’t miss the update about the events going on in his life right now.

Who is Kevin Mack? Wiki, Bio

Kevin Mack was born on the 23rd of July, 1959, making him 61 years old. His real name is Kevin Scott Mack. Thus, Kevin Scott Mack was born in the Los Angeles of California, USA. However, Kevin doesn’t seem to have disclosed his family name yet. He never talks about his parents or his family.

Moreover, his siblings are also not known yet. Being born on the 23rd of July, he holds the sun sign, Leo. Well, talking about his nationality, he is an American and holds the ethnicity of  White-American.

Know more about Kevin Scott’s Childhood

Well, Kevin Scott Mack comes from a business family background. Although he has a family business, he didn’t seem to have any interest in business and stuff related to that. However, he was very passionate about cars, vehicles, and automobiles since he was a child.

Image of Counting Car's star, Kevin Scott Mack
Caption: Counting Car’s star, Kevin Scott Mack

While he was in his teens, his grandmother owned Caddy in the year 1974. He loved that very much. Thus, his interest in cars and his enthusiasm towards auto encouraged him to work in the auto shop.

How Rich is Kevin Mack? Know His Net Worth

Mack has been the right-hand man of his boss Danny. He has also been the comrade for about twenty years. Thus, Kevin Mack is the recent manager of Count Kustoms. Therefore, he goes out usually with Danny to buy old cars for his reality show named ‘Counting Cars.’ Kevin Scott Mack’s son is also a racing driver. His son made his appearance on the episode titled, ‘Dream on’ of the television show, Counting Cars.

Thus, Kevin Mack’s net worth can be estimated to be almost $1 million. He makes his earning mostly as the most trusted and faithful employee of Counts Kustoms. Moreover, his salary per episode of the famous show, Counting Cars, also plays a significant role in increasing his net worth. Thus, Kevin Mack appears alongside Danny Koker and others in the show. However, the exact amount that he earns has not been disclosed to the general public yet.

Well, Kevin Scott Mack has been able to provide him and his family the best life from his earning. In addition to this, the famous reality television show, ‘Counting Cars,’ has added a lot to his value.

Kevin Mack’s Appearance in Counting Cars

Whenever Danny Koker has any problem with his business and stuffs like that, he straight comes to Kevin. Well, Kevin is his favorite place at the end of the day. He solves all of Danny’s problems. Therefore, in this way, Danny and Kevin’s friendship has grown and become stronger over these two decades.

Moreover, in the year 2006, Kevin Mack joined Count’s Kustom team. He was appointed as the general manager of the Operations. Thus, Kevin was working at a shop at that time. However, when the offer arrived at his door, he immediately left his work and joined the Count’s Kustom. In addition to being the general manager of Count’s Kustom,

Image of Kevin Scott from Counting Cars
Caption: Kevin Scott from Counting Cars

Kevin Mack has also been pulling and dragging the brand forward, not only looking at Count Kustom’s work but also assists Danny in his other business. He helps Danny handle his hard-rock band Count’s 77, tattoo parlor, and many more. Moreover, he says that he spent his mornings working on the current projects arriving at the shop.

After joining the shop, he landed on the reality television show, Counting Cars. Thus, in this show, he was mostly observed bidding against his brother. In short, Counting Cars has given him everything in his life.

Who is Kevin Mack Married to? Know about His Love Life

Kevin Scott Mack doesn’t seem to be a reserved person. However, he has not revealed his family or his wife yet. The name of his wife remains a mystery. Well, we don’t have any other information about his private life, but we know his son. The name of his son is Devin. H is a car racer who races cars at Count Kustoms.


Well, Kevin s very protective and very loving when it comes to his family but, he believes in keeping his family out from the media and hasn’t disclosed them yet. He doesn’t seem to be very active on social media, either. However, he keeps his fans updated about his job and his works. Thus, Kevin has a large fan base on his social media. He has total followers of 3.6K on his Facebook page and total followers of 24K on his Twitter.

Wiki Table

Name Kevin Scott Mack
Birth Date The 23rd of July, 1959
Age 61
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Profession Reality show star
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Net Worth $1 million
Ethnicity White-American
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Spouse Unknown
Social Media Twitter, Facebook

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